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Is A Leather Sofa The Right Choice For Your Living Room?

A leather sofa evokes thoughts of elegance and luxury. Thus, if you are decorating a formal living room, leather may be the first sofa material that comes to mind. Leather is not, however, the perfect choice for every home. Weigh these pros and cons to decide if a leather sofa truly is best for your home, or if maybe you're better off with fabric. 

Pros of Leather Sofas

Leather doesn't wear out quickly.

The leather upholstery will last for many years without taking on a worn look like many fabrics do. It won't develop a scuffed look from you sitting on it, and it will not get caught on cat or dog nails and tear like fabric can, either. Though a leather sofa may cost more up front, its longer life span makes up for this cost in the long run.

Leather does not attract pet hair.

It can be difficult to remove pet hair from a fabric sofa. You have to vacuum it incessantly or use a lint roller. To remove hair from a leather sofa, all you have to do is wipe it down with a damp cloth. The hair does not really stick to the leather, so it comes away easily. This makes it easier to keep your living room looking neat and tidy for company.

Cons of Leather Sofas

You'll need to condition the leather.

In order to keep the leather from cracking, you'll need to apply a leather conditioner from time to time. This can be a little time consuming since the piece of furniture is so large, and you won't want to sit on the sofa for a day or so afterwards, since it takes a little while for the conditioner to be absorbed fully.

The color may darken over time.

A fabric sofa stays about the same color throughout its entire life, but many leather sofas end up darkening over the years. This darkening can be minimized by choosing your conditioner carefully; some are specially formulated to help prevent darkening. Still, however, the leather is likely to absorb some moisture from the air and some oils from your skin, leading to at least a minor change in color.

If you don't mind that the color of your sofa may be different in a few years or that you need to spend time conditioning it, then leather can be a very attractive, durable choice for your living room. Contact a local furniture store for further assistance.