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After I finally got into my career, I realized that I had a little money to decorate my home. Instead of heading to the basic furniture stores, I looked high and low for interesting, unique pieces that would work well for my space. It was stressful, but I knew that I could make it work. One day I came across some gorgeous chesterfield chairs, and I fell in love. This blog is all about decorating your space with gorgeous, unique furniture pieces. Read these articles to find out how to make your home interiors the talk of the whole town.

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Water Swirl Paint Home Furnishings For Great Looking Home Additions

If you are in the middle of furnishing your home, then you want to make sure you end up with a home that's a good representation of you. This may mean putting up some furnishings that you have customized in your own way. One way you can put your own special touch onto certain items is by water swirl painting them. Follow the information here to swirl paint some of your home furnishings.

Choosing home furnishings to swirl paint

You can swirl paint metal, plastic or solid wood furnishings. The swirl painting method will give you a piece that features two or more colors of paint that have unique patterns that can't be duplicated. A few examples of some items that you may want to swirl paint include lamp bases, picture frames or wooden statues.

Gathering the supplies you will need

To complete a swirl painting project, you will need:

  • A basin large enough for you to dip the item you want to paint
  • Water
  • Primer
  • Newspaper
  • Oil based paints
  • A toothpick
  • The item

Painting your home furnishings

Take the item you plan on painting and cover it with a coat of primer. Set it aside for a few minutes and allow it to dry completely. The color of primer you use will be able to be seen through the swirl painting, so choose the color wisely.

Fill the basin up with room temperature water. Put the oil based paints into the water one at a time. You want to hold them very close to the water's surface and allow the paint to slowly drip on the water until you get the right amount of that color, then move on to the next color.

After you have all the paint on the water, take your toothpick and use it to carefully create a pattern you are satisfied with by pulling the paint around on the surface.

Take your item carefully in both hands and slowly submerge it into the water at a slight angle. You want to make sure it goes all the way down in the water so it gets painted completely. Hold it under water and use a piece of the newspaper to scrape the leftover paint off the surface. Pull the item out of the water and set it someplace to dry.

This is a fun way for you to decorate your home furnishings in the colors you want. You can use a couple colors, or make things even more exciting by mixing many of them together. To purchase furniture to use for your swirl painting project, check out a consignment store, such as Surroundings Fine Consignments For Your Home